600-102B - Function Generator and Summing Amplifier Package

Product Dimensions
Function Generator: 11in. x 3.7in. x 5.5in. x 12in.(279 x140 x 305 mm)
Summing Amplifier: 3.5in. x 6.25in. x 1.75in. (89 x 159 x 44 mm)
(W x L x H)

instrument includes Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, CMOS and TTL outputs. A built-in, 5-digit, internal frequency counter makes it useful for a variety of applications, including audio response, vibration/servo system evaluation and ultra sound measurements within R & D departments for basic industrial production testing and troubleshooting, service and repair and educational experiments.

Due to design limitations of many commercially available function generators, a custom-designed, hand-held, Summing Amplifier is provided. This device allows the function generator to properly interface with certain DAC Process Control Trainers. The additional amplifier allows for a summing of DC and AC signals from the function generator at appropriate levels for use. This supplemental device allows for use of the required AC signal level, with the necessary DC offset voltage simultaneously.
Function Generator:
Front panel controls.
Wide frequency range .1Hz to 10MHz in 8 ranges.
Sine, square, triangle pulse and ramp low distortion wave forms.
Variable DC offset duty control.
Internal frequency counter with gate control.
5-digit LED display.
Amplitude adjust min-max-20dB.
Separate TTL/CMOS output.
Summing Amplifier:
Two simple controls.
Handheld, portable.
Battery powered (battery not included).
Variable DC offset output.
Variable AC signal output.
AC power cord. BNC to alligator clip test lead.
Function Generator: 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50/60Hz.
Summing Amplifier: 9V DC Alkaline Battery (not included).