295-025 - Reservoir Structural Trap Model Set, 4-Piece

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H) each
12-1/2in. x 12-1/2in. x 10in. (318.5 x 318.5 x 254 mm)
35 lbs. ( 15.8 kg) approx combined total weight

Shipping Dimensions
65 lbs. (29.4 kg) approx combined total

This set of four, highly-detailed, exploded-view, scale models allow for instructive demonstration relating to the formation of oil and gas reservoirs due to common geological faults and geologic formations. This set includes examples of monocline, dome- type, syncline and anticline trap types. Each durable model includes three-dimensional geologic features, as well as graphical representations of geologic strata at cut away surfaces. Each model allows for disassembly, to better unveil geologic structure, related strata, and the resulting oil deposit. Further, mating components are pinned together, allowing for easy reassembly and storage. Each model includes a durable baseplate, and protective, clear cover. Useful within training programs and engineering programs related to oil & gas-related geology, and drilling operations, these unique models will provide many years of useful service.
Four, fully-detailed, disassemblable scale models.
High-durability PVC baseplates.
Lightweight, durable, cast-urethane model components with high-durability coatings.
3/16" acrylic dust covers.
Models include examples of monocline, Dome-type, syncline, and anticline trap types.
Models allow for disassembly, unveiling supporting strata and oil reservoir.
Packaging for shipment via courier or motor freight.
Provision for mounting on related DAC, Display and Support Systems.
#295-0251 - Supplemental, 2-piece Model Set Depicting Fault, and Unconformity-Type Traps
•  No dedicated courseware provided

Detailed educational scale models can be fragile by nature. DAC resumes NO liability for damage due to mishandling, misuse, or acts of fate.
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