606 - Continuous Distillation Operations Demonstrator

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
65" X 27" X 43.5" (165 x 68 x 110 cm),
145 lbs. (66 kg).

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
71" X 73" X 50" (180 x 185 x 127 cm)
530 lbs. (240 kg).

This working, reduced-scale, manually-operated, bench-top distillation demonstrator and training aid, provides for an in-depth, hands-on understanding of the basic distillation process. The device allows the student to experience and operate a continuous distillation process and modify the variables upon which it is based. The product depicts the dynamic behavior of a distillation column with bubble-cap trays as it is operated by the instructor and/or a student. Methanol or ethanol, in reduction, is used as the primary medium, based on their well-known physical properties and safety considerations.

A variety of additional safeguards are provided to avert the possibility of unwanted ignition, or exposure to vapors. Two, u-tube pressure suppression systems are designed so that the unit cannot be over pressurized and to prevent unintentional vapor loss to the atmosphere. A heat protection device is located at the top of the reboiler activating a relay to provide an automatic temperature shut off in the event of overheating. An industrial grade control panel with emergency safety disconnect and provision for lock-out/tag-out is also provided.

The training aid incorporates a glass 50 mm diameter distillation column with 10 bubble-cap trays, glass reboiler and associated glass condensate and chilled water heat exchangers which enhance the visual experience of the distillation process under continuous operation.

The system includes a 7" touch-screen HMI operator control and measurement package. Trending and process variable data, can be captured using a USB interface.
1-1/2" x 1-1/2" tubular stainless steel structure system with aluminum connection components.
Custom, blown-glass, 50mm ID distillation column with ten bubble-cap trays.
Removable insulating mantle, on column and reboiler, minimizing thermal loss in operation, while allowing for observation and study, upon removal.
Custom, blown-glass, thermo-syphon, natural-convection, reboiler.
Distillation column connected to the condensor glass assembly, spherical stopcocks and SS clamps.
Custom, blown-glass heat exchangers and condensor with glass shell and glass tubing.
Braided PVC and translucent PFA connecting tubing allowing for direct observation of flow.
1/4" coiled glass tube for heat transfer within the heat exchangers and condensor.
Two, glass, u-tube pressure systems facilitating pressure control and vapor loss prevention.
Multiple sampling points accounting for examination of process cuts.
Polypropylene valves and PFA tubing, throughout.
One, 10L Polypropylene feedstock storage tank with aluminum frame.
Two, 5L Polypropylene tanks for bottoms and distillate collection with aluminum frame.
Reboiler with stainless steel 1kw immersion heater with PID temperature control and overheat protection.
Four, fractional HP commercial-grade centrifugal pumps.
Inlet and outlet quick-disconnects allowing for introduction of chilled water from an external ice bath or optional package chiller unit.
Sampling valves at feedstock residue outlet and distillate outlet.
Six, RTD-type temperature sensing devices at reboiler, overhead column, condensor coolant inlet, condensor coolant outlet, reflux inlet and feed inlet.
One, thermocouple temperature sensing devices for reboiler heater protection.
Five, variable-area flow meters (floating ball type) measuring condensate loop, reflux rate control, distillate rate, feeding rate control and residue control rates.
One, water-type manometer pressure sensing device (u-tube type) measuring column pressure drop and control results.
Three, Manometer pressure sensing device (bourbon-type) at pump discharges.
Formed-steel, NEMA-type, control enclosure.
Front panel controls, including; main supply switch, emergency stop switch, pilot light, pump and heater control switches, touch-screen system display and operator interface reboiler power control, continuous temperature displays and more.
Additional control enclosure components including power breaker, protection relay and static relays.
Pre-shipment control panel testing including continuity test and functional test, (FAT certificate provided).
Four, primary support legs with adjusting feet.
#606-001 - Table-Top Chiller System
#606-501 - Operations Manual, (additional copy)
#606-900 - One day, on-site, "train the trainer" program including commissioning and one-on-one training.
•  PFD, and P&ID; diagrams (2 each).
•  Electrical schematic.
•  Electrical components list, with reference manuals.
•  Process components list, with reference manuals.
•  Seals list with order numbers.
•  Instrumentation list, with reference manuals.
•  Operating outline.
•  Troubleshooting Manual
•  Factory acceptance test certificate. (FAT)
•  Physical layout drawing with primary process circuits and devices indicated.
110 VAC, 60 Hz. 1-phase, chilled water. Alternate service requirements are possible.
Primary operation and experiment outline:

•  Review of the distillation process P&ID;  •  Exploration of system and components  •  System preparation  •  Operation of the distillation column with water  •  Optimizing column reflux and distillation using water  •  Distillation process operation with methanol as a feedstock  •  Fine-tuning of the process to achieve specific results  •  Introduction to system troubleshooting  •  Detailed review of distillation column feed, reflux operation and residue cycling activities.

Distillation of alcohol-based products has inherent risks. DAC assumes no liability for the use or misuse of this educational product.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.