226-008D - Flange Bolt Torquing Helper Card, 12-Pack

Product Dimensions
(each) 3-3/8in. x 4in.
1 oz.

This discounted package of twelve reference cards, allowing for group distribution, will aid in job performance consistency within your department or training group.

This practical “Helper Card” was developed as a toolbox reference outlining the basic procedures for fastening bolted flange joints. Also available singly, as well as in 6-packs and 50-packs, this toolbox reference will be a valuable tool for those working in the field within petrochemical plants, refineries and within the oil & gas industry.

While originally designed as a supplement to several DAC hands-on training aids relating to bolt torquing and flanged connections for the process industries, we regularly sell this handy reference directly to working professionals and industrial concerns as a toolbox reference.

As seen in the above illustrations, the card on one side describes a basic step-by-step procedure for aligning, lubricating and preparing stud and nut sets. The second side provides suggested torquing sequences for various ANSI flange sizes.

This is one in a series of handy industrial maintenance” helper card” reference products offered by DAC.
.063" durable plastic base material.
High-durability epoxy printing.
Side 1, - Basic flanged joints, step-by-step.
Side 2, - Torque sequence guide (5 bolt patterns).
Collect the whole series.
Packaging for shipment via mail or parcel service.
Power/meter module including 19" rack panel, enclosure, and 16-gauge steel support structure.
Panel-mounted components, including two digital pressure displays, digital flow display, pilot light, on/off switch, pump control with provision for external control via relays, GFI circuit protection
Service air regulator and quick disconnects.
Silkscreened schematics and labels on lower panel and component silhouettes on the upper panel.