610 - PID Process Control Trainer

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
9in. x 26in. x 19in. (230 x 660 x 480 mm)
50lbs. (23kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
14in. x 33in. x 31in. (360 x 840 x 790 mm)
75lbs. (34kg)

A realistic, tabletop, process control simulator allowing for basic training in industrial process control, using a simulated level control process application and an imbedded generic process controller. The device allows for classroom training of operators and maintenance technicians in the use of controllers in both automatic and manual modes.

Analog gauges illustrate the major sections of a common controller, including the proportional, integral, and derivative amplifiers as well as the manual output section and illustrates their individual contributions to the controller output signal. Indicators allow the student to see the effect that a change in controller output has on final control element position and the process variable being controlled.

The device allows the controller to be tuned to provide proportional, proportional plus integral (reset), proportional plus derivative (rate), as well as proportional plus integral plus derivative control actions. Both open and closed loop tuning techniques can be used.

Control valve response time and process tank capacity can be adjusted. The device accepts and provides external 4-20mA DC control signals, allowing it to be interfaced with an actual process. Optional signal generators and strip chart recorders can be easily connected.
16-Gauge steel cabinet with carrying handles.
Silk-screened front-panel face.
Realistic process control adjustments.
Analog and digital controller characteristics.
Internal power supply.
Fuse protection.
Banana-jack input and output connections, allowing use as an actual controller and allowing for actual process instrument inputs.
External chart recorder and signal generator connections.
#080-221-1 - CD Video, "Controllers, Indicators and Recorders (ISA)
#080-222-1 - CD Video, "Tuning" (ISA)
#080-272-3 - CD Video, "Basic Automatic Process Control" (ISA)
#610-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (Additional).
#610-PAC - PID PROCESS CONTROL TRAINER, Quick-Start Package (includes: #610, #610-001, #600-102B)
* Strip chart recorder interface cable. * Use/Exercise Guide.
110 VAC, 60 Hz/240 VAC, 50 Hz.
The courseware, useful in both an instructor-led or self-directed format, includes a use/operation guide and eight exercises.

Exercises include:
* Controller operation. * Controller open loop proportional control characteristics. * Controller open loop proportional plus integral control characteristics. * Open loop proportional plus derivative control characteristics. * Open loop proportional plus integral plus derivative control characteristics. * Notch method of closed loop tuning. * Ultimate method of closed loop tuning. * Time constant method of open loop tuning.