211-140 - Positive Displacement Blower Cutaway, Rotary Lobe -Type

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
24in. x 13.5in. x 12in. (600 x 340 x 3000 mm)
85lbs. (38 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
135lbs. (61kg)

A realistic, sectioned rotary lobe-type positive displacement compressor as commonly found in petro-chemical plants, refineries and other industrial applications.

This device includes a formed-steel mounting baseplate, allowing for stand-alone display, bench-top mounting, or mounting on specialized mounting benches.

Through sectioning, the complete internal configuration of this blower can be seen, while allowing for disassembly for more compete inspection. All primary features have been retained and replacement hardware is provided where appropriate.
Sectioning of actual industrial hardware (common blower makes and models chosen).
Cleaning, priming, and painting, using a high-durability polyurethane coating.
Color coding of component parts.
Replacement, plated hardware, where applicable.
10-Gauge, formed-steel, powder coated baseplate, with component attachment piers.
Provision for mounting on related bench and workstation products.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
•  Manufacture'd Installation and Maintenance Manual
•  None
•  No dedicated coureseware provided.

This device is being offered for training purposes only, and cannot be used as replacement hardware in actual applications.
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