204E - Bearing Maintenance Trainer, Extended

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
30" x 13 1/2" x 12" (750 x 330 x 300 mm)
170lbs. (77kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
34" x 15" x 24" (870 x 380 x 610 mm)
290 lbs. (132 kg)

A realistic, heavy-duty device allowing for convenient and consistent training in the identification, installation and removal of a variety of industrial-quality rolling element bearings.

The device provides for two student workstations. Using two of four CNC-machined stub shafts provided, in combination with shaft mounting brackets, training can take place at both ends of the device. A 24in. long, multi-land shaft with two pillow blocks is also provided.

A selection of large diameter spherical roller bearings, radial ball bearings, angular contact bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, a needle bearing and shaft seals are provided. Additionally, “loose” and “interference” fit bearing seating locations are provided.

The device, together with a variety of hands-on exercises, creates a complete performance-based course in the maintenance of industrial bearings.
7-Gauge, formed-steel baseplate, 30" long, allowing for mounting across the width of a standard shop bench.
Four, steel shaft mounting brackets which, when used in combination, allow for mounting of shafts in different orientations.
Four, high-grade alloy steel CNC-machined stub shafts allowing for installation of all bearings.
Provision for installation of radial ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings with loose and interference fit applications.
CNC-machined, 24" long, multi-land shaft.
Provision for installation of spherical roller bearings on a tapered shaft, adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve (Includes two different internal clearance calculations).
Provision for installation of a radial ball bearing in an externally seated application.
Provision for bearing removal using a gear puller on a back-up gear.
Eight bearing types for mounting on stub shafts.
Large-diameter spherical roller bearing pillow block and radial ball bearing pillow block for mounting on the multi-land shaft.
Shaft seal application.
Can be mounted on related bench and workstation products.
High-durability, powder coated surfaces throughout.
#030-024 - CD-ROM, titled, "Ball Bearing Maintenance and Installation" (Majec).
#030-025 - CD-ROM, titled, "Spherical Roller Bearing Installation and Maintenance" (Majec).
#204-003 - Bearing interchange/nomenclature wall charts.
#204-006 - Hydraulic Installation/Removal Option
#204-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (additional).
#204E-PAC - Bearing Maintenance Trainer, Quick-Start Package, including: #204E, #204-001,#204-002, #204-005
* Combination wrenches. * Allen wrench set. * Use/Exercise Guide * Industrial Trades Training Manual (IPT). * Reference book on bearing maintenance (SKF).
The courseware, useful in both an instructor-led or self-directed format, includes a textbook with chapters on rolling element bearings and friction bearings, and seventeen, illustrated, hands-on exercises.

Exercises include:
- Introduction to rolling element bearing construction and terminology. - Introduction to rolling element bearing types. - Introduction to bearing identification systems. - Introduction to bearing clearances and fits. - Bearing maintenance pre-checks. - Cold mounting and removal of radial ball bearings. - Mounting and dismounting of radial ball bearings with interference fits. - Installing and dismounting a radial ball bearing with a back-up gear. - Installing and dismounting angular contact bearings. - Mounting and dismounting of spherical roller bearings on a tapered shaft. - Mounting and dismounting of spherical roller bearings on a tapered sleeve. - Mounting of spherical roller bearings on a withdrawal sleeve. - Installation of pillow block bearings. - Installation of externally seated radial ball bearings. - Installation of cylindrical roller bearings using an arbor press. - Installation of shaft seals. - Hydraulic mounting and dismounting of tapered bore bearings (supplemental).

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