208-001 - Shaft Alignment Tool Kit

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
15in. x 20in. x 9in. (380 x 500 x 225 mm)
12lbs. (5.5kg)

A versatile and comprehensive tool kit allowing for precision coupling or shaft alignment using a wide variety of alignment methods.

CNC-machined, aluminum shaft clamps, precision dial test indicators and an assortment of related support rods and clamps combine to allow for assembly in a wide range of configurations.

Clamping components can easily be arranged to allow for both “rim and face” or “reverse dial” alignment, on shafts from ½" diameter to 3-1/4" diameter. Multiple radial and longitudinal support rods are provided accommodating long-span and large-diameter applications.

The clamp set is packaged with associated tools commonly used when performing a precision alignment.
Economical and easy to use.
Includes all components necessary for use with both the “rim and face” and “reverse dial” (“double dial”) alignment methods.
Adapts to shafts from ½" diameter to 3-1/4" diameter.
Two, CNC-machined, anodized-aluminum, shaft bracket sets, allowing for many configurations (dial indicator support rods can be attached in the longitudinal and radial orientation).
Two sets of clamp attachment studs of two lengths, with knurled thumb nuts.
Four, 5/16" diameter, stainless steel, dial indicator support bars of two lengths.
Four, 5/16" diameter, stainless steel, dial indicator attachment bars of two lengths.
Four, swivel clamps of two sizes.
Two, Starrett universal dial test indicators, back plunger-type.
One, Starrett hole attachment accessory (for face reading with minimal coupling clearance).
One, Starrett machinist rule, 6".
One, Starrett machinist rule, 3".
Feeler gage set, .001"-.015".
Tape measure, 8'.
Inspection mirror, 2-1/4" diameter.
Open end wrench.
ABS, foam-lined, carrying case.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service.
#208-030 - Magnetic base indicator holder set, low-profile, two-piece.
#208-031 - Supplemental dial test indicator set, two-piece.
* Industrial Trades Handbook (IPT).
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