222 - Cams and Mechanisms Accessory

Product Dimensions
N/A 7lbs. (4kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
28in. x 15in. x 24in. (720 x 380 x 610 mm)
10lbs. (5kg)

A package of mechanical components which introduces the student to basic concepts relating to devices that convert rotary to linear motion in industrial systems. All components are designed to be mounted on the Gear Maintenance Trainer, #205. The device includes components relating to cam design, adjustable cams, cam followers, crank/connecting arm arrangements and the positioning of limit switches.
Aluminum crank and connecting arm components, allowing for exercises in stroke variation using several variables.
Nylon cams of varying geometries, including adjustable timing cams.
Cam follower assembly allowing for adjustment of cam follower offset and the use of gravity and spring return cam follower applications.
Linear bearing allowing for smooth cam follower operation.
Limit switch and switch mounting bracket, allowing for timing adjustment based on mounting location.
All hardware necessary for assembly and installation on the Gear Maintenance Trainer, 205.
Packaging for shipment via UPS.
#222-001 - Mounting Box Assembly
#222-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (additional).
* Use/Exercise Guide
The courseware, useful in both an instructor-led or self-directed format, includes four illustrated, hands-on exercises.

Exercises include:
* Use Guide * Reciprocating Motion Using a Crank and Connecting Arm. * Reciprocating Motion Using a Cam and Cam Follower. * Varying Reciprocating Motion Using an Adjustable Cam. * Operating a Switch With a Cam