500-001 - IPT Maintenance Training Handbook Series

Product Dimensions
3.75in. x 5.75in. Paperback

These handy, yet informative, toolbox-sized reference books are identical in content to their respective larger, spiral-bound manuals. Handbooks do not include sectional review questions. The books, collectively, represent the ultimate technical library for the industrial maintenance professional. Often, when using the larger training manuals as a classroom text, the student is given this inexpensive version as a lasting convenient reference, upon completion of the course.

Whether used by the one-man "Jack-of-all-trades" maintenance specialist or as a standard reference for the large multi-craft maintenance departments, these in-depth books will help improve performance and deepen skills with a minimal investment.
Content and detail as outlined for a similar manual.
Permanently bound.
Economical enough to be purchased in quantity.
Available from stock with same day shipment in most cases.

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