210 - Electromechanical Bench Package

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
84in. x 39in. x 33in. (2130 x 990 x 840 mm)
175 lbs. (80kg) Bench Only

Shipping Dimensions
900 lbs. (408kg) Total

A complete package of mechanical maintenance training applications which can be mounted and integrated on a heavy-duty bench. The basic system includes training devices relating to belt drives, chain drives, gear drives, couplings and alignment. All training components can be used individually, or combined to create complete mechanical drive systems.

The bench includes a system of t-slotted mounting rails, which allow for mounting of all basic elements and many optional accessories. A power module and c-face motor are provided allowing for motorized applications and troubleshooting. Additional elements relating to motors, motor controls, conveyors, brakes/clutches, bearings, sensors and PLCs can be easily added.

A tool kit, storage shelf with storage containers, fastener kit and shaft/bearing set is also provided. This product supports a complete introduction to mechanical maintenance training, while allowing for expansion for training related to motors, controls, and automated manufacturing systems.
Full size industrial-grade components used throughout.
Allows for four independent workstations or combined exercises.
Allows for expansion addressing many additional subject matter areas.
Allows for the bread boarding of unique electromechanical arrangements.
Includes the DAC 905 Electromechanical Bench.
Includes the DAC 201 Belt Drive Training System.
Includes the DAC 205 Gear Maintenance Training System.
Includes the DAC 201-001 Chain Drive Option
Includes the DAC 208 Coupling/Shaft Alignment Training System.
Includes the DAC 419 Power module/motor load device allowing for use of 110 VAC motors, brake/clutch assemblies and a motor load device.
Includes a storage shelf with storage containers.
Includes a basic hand tool set including combination wrench set, screwdriver set, Allen wrench set, soft-faced mallet, combination square, tape measure, level, flat file, magnetic base/dial indicator set, shim kit, and tool box.
Includes the DAC Coupling/Shaft Alignment Tool Kit.
Includes a C-face motor and adapter plate.
Includes a fastener kit, guard and pillow block/shafting set.
Includes steel grid, elastomeric element, and jaw and spider couplings.
Crating for shipment via motor freight.
#210-002 - Preventive/predictive maintenance tool kit (includes vibration meter, infrared thermometer, and non-contact tachometer).
#210-003 - Right-angle drive, C-face gear reducer.
#210-004 - Right-angle drive gear reducer, w/shaft input.
#210-011 - Flywheel Set, 2-Piece, with Weights
#210-012 - Roller Ramp / Wrap Spring Clutch, and Torque Limiter Set
#210-101 - Vibration Meter, Vel., Accel., Disp., Economy.
#210-121 - Non-Contact Tachometer, Economy.
#210-131 - Digital Strobe Light, 100-12,500 RPM, Economy.
#210-133 - Digital Strobe Light, 30-20,000 RPM, Industrial.
#210-204 - Bearing Maintenance Training System.
#210-220 - Brake/clutch accessory. Includes industrial brake/clutch, adapter plate, guard, and power module connector. (Requires #200-002, 80/20© Mounting rail set.)
#210-500 - Use/Exercise Guide (additional).
#210E - Electromechanical Bench Package, Extended
#210E-PAC - Extended Electromechanical Bench Package, Quick-Start Package
#222-000 - Cams and Mechanisms Accessory.
#224-000 - Conveyor Accessory.
#410-100 - Prony Brake Assembly.
#425 - Solid-State Motor Starter Trainer
#210E - Electromechanical Bench Package, Extended
#210E-PAC - Extended Electromechanical Bench Package, Quick-Start Package
See components provided above.
110 VAC.

This device is designed for the use of professionals under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.