808 - Principles of Lubrication Trainer

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
13.5in. x 48in. x 13in. (345 x 1200 x 330 mm)
110lbs. (50kg)

Shipping Dimensions
220 (100kg)

A precision-machined, simulated rotating machine, allowing for the installation, observation, and testing of lubrication delivery and distribution systems found in industry.

Incorporating clear acrylic housings, and both manual and automatic lubrication components, the student will experience and observe the effects of proper and improper component installation, set-up and application.

The device includes multiple chambers allowing for the installation of both oil and grease delivery devices, using submersion, wick, drip and pressure delivery systems.

Each chamber includes multiple industrial components found in industrial machinery, including rolling element bearings, gears, and plain bearings. Each chamber includes multiple attachment points for oilers, grease delivery devices, drains and vents, as well as provision for attachment of an optional central lubrication system.

Designed based on common applications found in industry, and including lubrication hardware from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers, the device supports comprehensive courses in lubrication principles and application both within industrial training programs, and within the technical education environment.
7-Gauge, formed-steel baseplate with provision for tabletop mounting.
T-slotted aluminum mounting rails allowing for attachment of primary components.
Three, 12" Long, multi-land, precision-machined shafts, allowing for installation of multiple bearing types, gears, oil delivery devices and shaft seals. Primary shaft diameter at plain bearing of 1-1/4".
Three, precision-machined acrylic housings, allowing for installation of rotating components and lubrication delivery devices.
DC motor with tethered variable speed control, tachometer, and aluminum base.
Elastomeric element couplings.
Industrial lubrication components including chain oiler, ring oiler, slinger, constant level oiler, cup/felt pad delivery oiler, wick oiler, drop-feed/drip oiler, multiple manual oil/grease fittings, automatic grease oilers of two varieties, cup-type oiler and associated connecting components.
All components, including housings can be mounted on DAC bench and workstation products.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#093-808 - CD-ROM titled, "Lubrication" (New Standard Institute).
#808-001 - Manual "one-shot" delivery system (Requires 808-002).
#808-002 - Central lubrication system.
*Two grease guns of two capacities and designs. * Bulk grease of two viscosities and two colors. * Canister grease of two viscosities and two colors. * Hand oiler. * Bulk oil of two viscosities, and types. * Hand tools, as necessary to mount, assemble and disassemble components. * Tool box. * Exercise outline. * Use Guide * IPT Rotating Equipment Training Manual with two chapters relating to lubrication.
110/220 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 1-Phase.