905D - Electromechanical Integration Bench, Downsized

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
48in. x 39in. x 33in. (1220 x 990 x 840 mm)
243lbs. (110kg)

Shipping Dimensions
243lbs. (110kg)

A heavy-duty, work surface designed to accommodate and expand the usefulness of hands-on training devices relating to mechanical and electrical maintenance training.

Through a system of large, t-slotted, 80/20© mounting rails, many mechanical training products can be combined, creating unique mechanical drive arrangements. Motor and motor control elements can be easily added, allowing for exercises in electrical maintenance, motor troubleshooting, teamwork, and preventive/predictive maintenance. Custom applications can be easily developed using optional 80/20© components and standard industrial hardware.

Designed to accommodate two individual training workstations, or combined exercises incorporating several devices, this product can be the foundation of a complete hands-on maintenance training program.
Heavy-duty construction throughout.
Welded, 14 Ga. tubular steel, folding leg assemblies.
Welded, 14 Ga. tubular steel tabletop support structure.
7 Ga. Steel top surface, pre-drilled for use with a t-slotted mounting surface, standard training aid baseplates and electrical trainer support structures.
Provision for mounting training equipment using standard baseplates.
Provision for mounting training elements using 80/20©, t-slotted mounting rail system.
Heavy-duty, locking, adjustable casters.
Allows for two individual workstations or combined exercises.
Compatible with many mechanical and electrical training products through consistent mounting hole locations and shaft centerlines.
Allows for the use of the complete line of 80/20© structural components to create unique applications.
#210-220 - Brake/clutch accessory. Includes industrial brake/clutch, adapter plate, guard, and power module connector. (Requires #200-002, 80/20© Mounting rail set.)
#905-002 - Power Module (free-standing power unit allowing for motorization of belt, chain, gear and alignment elements). (See product #210 for additional description.)
#905-003 - Motor, C-face, with power module connector and baseplate adapter plate.
#905-004 - Optional storage shelf assembly, with five storage containers.
#905-006 - Supplemental 80/20© rails. (Creates a third, central t-slotted mounting area.)
#905-007 - Electrical supply panel, with disconnect (allows connection of (2) 220 VAC twist-lock electrical devices, (1) 110 VAC twist-lock electrical device, and (3) 110 VAC standard plug devices. Includes safety switch, fuses and provision for lock-out/tag-out).
#905-419 - Motor load device (industrial brake) with power module connector. (Requires #200-002, 80/20© Mounting rail set.)
* Fastener kit. * Guard, for use in motorized applications. * Pillow block/shafting set.

This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.