202 - Fan Balancing Demonstrator

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
27in. x 18in. x 17in. (680 x 450 x 430 mm)
75lbs. (34kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
34in. L x 21in. W x 24in. H (870 x 540 x 610 mm)
129lbs. (59kg)

A precision assembly allowing for convenient demonstration and training in fan balancing and other vibration-analysis related-topics. Based on the design of a typical squirrel cage fan, this heavy-duty aluminum device allows for assembly in a variety of configurations, creating a broad range of balancing scenarios.

Movable pillow block assemblies, provision for even or odd number blade configurations, and multiple weight locations, combine to create a challenging and realistic training tool.
Aluminum baseplate/bearing pedestal assembly (18" x 27").
1/4 HP, totally enclosed, continuous-duty, fan-cooled, split-phase motor with thermal protection and associated control switch.
Aluminum fan/rotor assembly, 12" d x 10" l.
Provision for 5 or 10-blade fan configuration (removable blades).
Provision for attachment of trial weights on rotors or blades.
Provision for attachment of trial weights on rotors or blades.
Three aluminum bearing mounting block assemblies with ¼" - 28 holes throughout, allowing for attachment of vibration pick-ups in axial and radial positions.
Acrylic, stylized fan housing/guard with access door allowing for convenient attachment of weights.
Sheaves, belts, and shafting.
Belt and sheave guard.
High-durability, powder-coated surfaces throughout.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#077-261-5 - Video titled, "Balancing Machinery Components" (Gulf Publishing).
#202-001 - Balancing kit, including battery-powered scale, 12-piece trial weight set, 80-piece balancing clip set, instruction manual, and molded case.
#202-002 - Balancing scale, only.
#202-004 - 12-piece trial weight set, only. (2 each of 6 sizes)
#202-005 - Extended Balancing Clip Set (2 pairs of 6 sizes).
#202-007 - Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable shipping container.
#202-PAC - Quick-Start Package, including: #202, #202-001, #202-006.
#573-002 - Reference book on balancing (Wowk).
* Allen wrench set. * Combination wrenches. * Weight/washer set. * Phase target. * Reproducible balancing diagram. * Balancing clip selection (5 each of 8 sizes). * Rotating Equipment Training Manual (IPT). * Use Guide (call for availability).
110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase.
*Coming Soon

Motor-driven rotating machines have inherent risks of injury. This device should be operated only in the company of professional training mentors or experienced industrial maintenance personnel.
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