471 - PLC Material Handling Application Module

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
30in. x 20in. x 20in. (750 x 500 x 500 mm)
55lbs. (25kg)

This realistic application demonstrates control of a typical material handling process found in industry. The device allows for control of valves, actuators, industrial sensors, and a conveyor. The process can be controlled manually using push buttons and an internal power supply or by using ladder logic programming with a PLC trainer.
A part dispenser.
Pneumatic cylinders.
A limit switch.
Photoelectric sensor.
Conveyor, switches and lights.
Realistic industrial hardware.
Provision for attachment via patch cords to PLC trainers.
Patch cords.
Student manual.
Instructor guide.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#463-100 - Optional Analog Combination Card for use w/ 5/03 CPU - still needs PLC
#471-001 - Optional Ejection/Sorting Station
#471-500 - Additional Material Handling Application Student Manual.
#471-501 - Additional Material Handling Application Instructor Guide.
#472-500 - Additional Ancillary Device Student Manual.
#472-501 - Additional Ancillary Device Instructor Manual.
#473-500 - Additional Analog Process Control Student Manual.
110 VAC.
* Manufacturing Process Control System Familiarization
* Stand-Alone Operating Mode
* PLC Dependent Operating Mode (Activities with SLC 500)
* PLC Dependent Operating Moder (Activities with MicroLogix)