565-001 - Dewalt/Pal - Electrical

Product Dimensions
6in. x 4in. x 0.8in. (150 x 100 x 20 mm) (L x W x H) 0.5lbs. (0.23kg) Paperback

This pocket reference guide, written by Paul Rosenberg, is an essential technical field reference and resource for working professionals in the electrical marketplace. This book’s 12 chapters contain hundreds of charts, tables and formulae. Its convenient pocket size makes it an valuable, time-saving tool box reference for contractors, installers, service technicians, maintenance personnel, plant managers, designers, engineers and anyone working in the field. Be prepared when troubleshooting and researching, always have a copy of the Electrical Pal with you at all times.
Approximately 400 pages with many detailed figures and tables.
An economical alternative to other cumbersome and expensive, hard-bound reference guides.
Detailed table of contents/index for ease of use.
Heavily illustrated and based upon the most current technology, terminology and information.
Contains many useful tables of technical data.
Provision for removing panels from the case for tabletop use.
* Electrical Formulae * Electronics and Electronic Symbols * Raceways and Wiring * Communications * Fiber Optics * Motors * Transformers * Electrical Plan Symbols * Lighting * Conversion Factors and Units of Measurement * Materials and Tools * Glossary