570-001 - IPT Rotating Equipment Handbook

Product Dimensions
3.75in. x 5.75in. Paperback

This unique and recently published toolbox reference represents a complete introduction to preventive and predictive maintenance as it relates to common industrial rotating machinery. Written by Bruce M. Basaraba and James A. Archer, this book can easily be used as a both a course text or as a toolbox reference on a range of related topics. Its 500 pages include 30 charts and tables as well as 300 illustrations. This is first known book on these topics written to be a practical, useful resource for the field technician. Adopted by industrial training groups and educators as well as by plant reliability personnel, this book will help make introductory training in vibration analysis, balancing, lubrication principles, bearing failure analysis and lockout/tag out more productive and convenient and economical.
Durable polyethylene storage case with lock.
Experiment station (lower panel) with a broad range of permanently mounted components.
Component board (upper panel) for mounting loose components.
Silkscreened schematics and labels on lower panel and component silhouettes on the upper panel.
Steel-reinforced lower panel structure.
Provision for removing panels from the case for tabletop use.
Steel mounting frame, 16 gauge.
Content and detail as outlined for similar manuals.
* Maintenance and Reliability * Vibration Analysis * Vibration Causes * Equipment Balancing * Lubrication * Non-Destructive Testing * Bearing Failure Analysis * Performance Monitoring * Lockout and Tag-out * Appendix