560-001 - Electrical Trades Handbook (IPT)

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3.75in. x 5.75in. Paperback

This conveniently organized and recently written book can be used as a classroom text or toolbox troubleshooting resource related to a broad range of fundamental electrical installation and maintenance topics. Written by Herb Putz, it includes 12 major subject matter areas. The book consists of 508 pages and includes 115 useful tables and 264 illustrations. The book is based on and refers to both the US and Canadian electrical codes (the US code is primary). This book and similar manual has been adopted for use by a broad range of maintenance training programs, technical college courses and as a toolbox resource by tradesmen, apprentices, instructors, designers and engineers.
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Content and detail as outlined for similar manual.
* Fundamentals * Electrical Conductors * Raceways * Wiring Devices * Protective Devices * Distribution * Motors * Transformers * Grounding * Lighting * Measuring Instruments * Symbols & Drawings * Equations, Abbreviations and Formulas

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