540-001 - IPT Industrial Fasteners Handbook

Product Dimensions
3.75in. x 5.75in. Paperback

This in-depth, comprehensive toolbox reference and text on fasteners, torquing, treaded connections, adhesives and anchoring is the ultimate practical reference on these related subjects available today. Written by Bruce M. Basaraba, this publication includes over 485 pages of up-to-date, useful information. Its 16 major sections include 324 illustrations and 126 tables and charts. This book is in wide use as a technical reference for engineers, draftsmen, and designers. Additionally, plant engineers, maintenance managers, as well as journeyman and apprentice maintenance personnel use this book in applying modern fastening systems in the field.
Permanently bound.
Convenient size of 3.75" x 5.75".
Component board (upper panel) for mounting loose components.
Steel-reinforced lower panel structure.
Provision for removing panels from the case for tabletop use.
Internal circuit breaker, fuse and transformer, creating a maximum voltage of 12VAC or 12VDC.
Steel mounting frame, 16 gauge.
Content and detail as outlined for similar manual.
* Bolting and Fastener Codes * Screw Threads * Thread Guide * Materials & Strengths * Bolted Joints * Tightening and Torque * Gaskets * Pipe Threads * Assorted Threaded Fasteners * Non-Threaded Fasteners * Thread Cutting * Lockwire * Stainless & Plated Fasteners * Adhesives * Anchoring Systems * Fastener Quality