283 - Air-Cooled (Fin-Fan) Heat Exchanger Model

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
24in. x 13in. x 14in. (600 x 330 x 350 mm)
20lbs. (9kg)

Shipping Dimensions
50lbs. (23kg)

A fully-detailed, high-fidelity, scale model of a common air-cooled, fin-tubed heat exchanger as used in the refining and petrochemical industry.

The model includes two segments, one depicting an induced-draft arrangement, and a second depicting a forced-draft arrangement.

All important operational details are shown including, representative fin-tubes, fan blades, fan ring, shrouds, drive assembly with motor, header boxes with cover plates and pass partitions, plenum/cowling, flanged connections, support structure, as well as secondary vent and drain connections.

The product allows for complete instruction in the operating principles, construction, and basic maintenance of this fundamental piece of industrial equipment.
Exact "to-scale"construction throughout.
Formed-steel and brass support structure, simulating a process pipe rack.
Primary model components fabricated from acrylic, ABS, and cast urethane.
Two complete heat exchanger assemblies depicting both forced-draft and induced-draft designs.
Heat exchanger detail including; fin-tubes, tube supports, fan blades, fan ring, drive assembly, header boxes (both plug and cover plate types shown) with cover plates, tubesheets and partitions, header box gaskets, plenum/cowling, side frame, flanged process connections, vent/drain connections, side-frame structure, tube keepers, lifting lugs, and secondary vent/drain connections.
Cutaway showcasing representative fin-tubes.
Representative color-coding.
PVC baseplate, allowing for desktop use or for mounting on related DAC support and display structures.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#283-001 - Heavy-duty, foam-lined, reusable packing container.
#283-002 - Sample fin-tube section, with mounting base.
•  No dedicated courseware provided.

Detailed educational scale models can be fragile by nature. DAC assumes NO liability for damage due to mishandling, misuse, or acts of fate.
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