201 - Belt Drive Trainer

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
36in. x 13in. x 14in. (910 x 330 x 350 mm)
70lbs. (32kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
40in. x 15in. x 24in. (1020 x 380 x 610 mm)
136lbs. (62kg)

This heavy-duty, multi-functional training fixture allows for convenient training in the identification, installation, tensioning and alignment of common belt drives types found in industry.

A steel baseplate and aluminum components combine to create a lightweight, yet realistic and stable device.

Packaged with hardware for applications related to multiple matched belts, fractional horsepower belts, positive drive belts and variable pitch sheaves, this device provides a variety of training scenarios in one benchtop piece of equipment. Optional drive hardware relating to other belt types and chain drives are available to expand the device's usefulness.

This versatile product, combined with a variety of realistic exercises, represents a complete course in this fundamental industrial technology, useful within industrial training programs, as well as in the educational setting.
7-Gauge, formed-steel baseplate with provision for tabletop mounting.
Welded aluminum motor and driven elements.
High-durability powder coating, allowing for repeated use and rough handling.
Multiple motor positions allow for demonstration of multiple tensioning requirements.
Heavy-duty, adjustable motor base for parallel tensioning.
Provision for two-point tensioning using jacking bolts.
Heavy-duty, flanged bearings allowing for variations in shaft misalignment.
Fractional horsepower belts and sheaves, allowing for installation at two shaft centerline distances.
Multiple type-A belt set, including tapered bushing, 2-groove sheaves, matched belts and a mismatched belt example.
Positive drive belt set including belt and sheaves.
Sheave bushings, including QD and taper-lock varieties.
Belt maintenance tool set.
Provision for mounting on related bench and workstation products.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#201-001 - Chain drive option
#201-004 - Heavy-duty, foam-lined, resusable packing container.
#201-006 - High torque, synchronous belt drive set (Poly Chain).
#201-500 - Additional Use/Exercise Guide.
#201-PAC - Belt Drive Trainer, Quick-Start Package, including: #201, #201-002, #208-015.
* Belt sample set (nine samples). * Belt tension gauge. * Sheave inspection gauge. * Allen wrench set. * Combination wrenches. * Straight edge/rule. * String. * Angle indicator. * Shim selection (5 each of 5 sizes). * Toolbox. * Use/Exercise Guide, with 12 hands-on exercises. * Industrial Trades Training Manual, with 55-page section on belt drives (IPT). * Gates Belt Preventive Maintenance Manual.
The courseware, useful in both an instructor-led or self-directed format, includes a textbook with a chapter on belt drives and sheave alignment technique, and twelve, illustrated, hands-on exercises.

Exercises include:

Exercise 201-S01 - Introduction to Belt Drive Components and Concepts
Exercise 201-S02 - Introduction to Belt Types
Exercise 201-S03 - Belt Identification Systems
Exercise 201-S04 - Introduction to Belt Drive Sheave Terminology and Use
Exercise 201-S05 - Use of a Dial Indicator in Belt Drive Maintenance
Exercise 201-S06 - Installation and Removal of Q.D. Bushings
Exercise 201-S07 - Belt Drive Maintenance Pre-checks
Exercise 201-S08 - Alignment and Tensioning of Fractional Horsepower Belts
Exercise 201-S09 - Alignment and Tensioning of Multiple Conventional V-belts
Exercise 201-S10 - Alignment and Tensioning of Belt Drives With Variable-Speed Sheaves
Exercise 201-S11 - Alignment and Tensioning of Wedge Belts (optional)
Exercise 201-S12 - Alignment and Tensioning of Positive Drive Belts

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