461 - PLC Trainer Fundamentals (w/Software)

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
19in. x 23in. x 8in. (480 x 590 x 200 mm)
25lbs. (11.3kg)

Shipping Dimensions
30lbs. (14kg)

A hands-on device allowing for training in the programming, operation and troubleshooting of the Allen-Bradley, MicroLogix Controller. A combination of lights, switches, 10 PLC inputs and 6 PLC outputs, programming pendant with PLC connector, and a memory module which allows the student programs to be saved. The students develop and test ladder logic programs on the device. The associated laboratory manual includes a range of exercises reflecting industrial applications. The device’s features allow the student to quickly develop basic programming skills using a realistic industrial PLC.
Polyethylene storage case.
Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC.
Ten PLC inputs.
Six PLC outputs.
Power supply (24 VDC) with ground and fuses.
Brushed stainless steel mounting panel with silk-screened face.
Eight lighted switches (4 momentary and 4 maintain switches, including 2 normally open, 2 normally closed).
RSLogix 500 programming software.
Provision for removing the panel from the case for tabletop mounting or to allow integration into CIM applications.
Can be combined with other devices relating to industrial sensors and pneumatic robots.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service or motor freight.
#050-E19 - 4-Part Video Series in.Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllersin. (Thompson Learning)
#461-500 - Student manual (additional).
#461-501 - Instructor guide (additional).
#461-502 - Student Manual (optional, modular curriculum).
* Student manual. * Instructor guide. * Programming software. * Wiring Patch Cords.
Used in conjunction with the training equipment, the instructor manual and the student manual create a complete introductory course in PLCs for industrial training applications and for use in the educational setting.

Topics discussed:
PLC Basics
* Introduction to PLCs * PLC internal operations * Introduction to the Training Device * Series and parallel circuits * Numbering systems * Boolean algebra * Ladder logic
Basic PLC Functions
* Introduction to the programming pendant * Inputs and outputs * Internal relays * “AND” and “OR” circuits * Latching relays * Program Editing * Program Monitoring
Output Control Functions
* Timers * Counters * Cascading timers * Timer/Counter Programs * Master Control Relays * Output Sequencing * Shift Registers * Introduction to Special Functions

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