562-000 - Electric Motor Repair

Product Dimensions
6in. x 8in. spiral-bound format

This recently revised and enlarged text on motors and motor controls, written by Robert Rosenberg and August Hand, is used within several DAC hands-on training programs relating to industrial motor and motor control troubleshooting. Designed as a practical, rather than a theoretical, book on the subject, it is an excellent reference for the troubleshooter or repair technician. The unique, two-piece format includes side-by-side text sections and illustration sections. The illustration section includes over 900 illustrations. Both AC and DC motors/controls are covered. The unique format eliminates constantly in.flippingin. through the book to match text with associated or referenced figures. The 349-page text section includes study questions, an extensive index and appendix area, and a vast amount of material relating to introductory theory, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
Convenient 6" x 8" spiral-bound format allows for desktop or toolbox use.
An economical alternative to cumbersome and expensive single-topic training programs.
Expansive and in-depth treatment of all topics.
Detailed table of contents/index allows for ease in finding topics of interest.
Offers data in both English and Metric units (English is primary).
Heavily illustrated and based upon the most current technology, terminology and information.
Available from stock, with same-day shipment in most cases.
* Capacitor Motors * Repulsion-Type Motors * Three-Phase Motors * Alternating Current Motor Control * Direct Current Armature Winding * Direct Current Motors * Direct Current Motor Control * Universal Shaded-Pole, and Fan Motors * Direct-Current Generators; Synchronous Motors and Generators; Synchros; and Three-Phase Wound-Rotor Induction Motors * Solid-State Motor Control * Appendix * Study Questions * Index