615 - I &C Calibration Bench

Product Dimensions
Product Dimensions: (L x W x H)
84in. x 36in. x 54in. (2130 x 910 x 1370 mm)
450lbs. (200kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
84in. x 36in. x 54in. (2130 x 910 x 1371 mm)
731lbs. (332kg)

An instrumentation and calibration workstation allowing for convenient testing and calibration of instruments and process controllers.

The workstation includes a durable, large, work surface, locking storage cabinet and a modular instrument cabinet, which accommodates a 24-volt power supply, industrial-grade strip chart recorder, regulated air supplies, test gages, conversion resistors, utility connections, and “free line” connections to associated process control training equipment. An optional panel-mounted process calibrator can also be included.

The bench can be tethered directly to the Process Trainer, Advanced or be used as a stand-alone calibration work area.
Laminated maple top, 36" x 84" x 1.5" thick.
Modular test and calibration instrument cabinet, heavy-gauge steel.
Instrument mounting stanchion.
Four-drawer, steel, support cabinet with lock.
Welded steel support structure with leveling feet.
Two-pen chart recorder: * Rack-mounted. * Four channel capability. (One DC voltage and one DC current included) * Linseis, Model L7045-II * Range and chart speed adjustable. * Inputs available through banana jacks.
Conversion resistors, 100 ohm and 250 ohm.
Electrical and pneumatic free line connections, allowing direct connection to process trainer.
Digital ammeter, 0-200 mADC.
Digital voltmeter, 0-200 VDC.
24-Volt DC regulated power supply, 2.4A. Both 24 VDC constant and 0-24 VDC variable provided.
Air supply regulator with 4 inch, 0-30 psi gage, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect hose connection.
Air supply regulator with 4 inch, 0-60 psi gage, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect hose connection.
Test gage, 4 inch, 0-60 psi, 0.5 percent accuracy, with quick-disconnect hose connections.
Two, 110-volt AC duplex receptacles, ground fault protected.
Instructor key switch with pilot light.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#080-581-3 - Video series, 3-part, on calibration of level, pressure, flow and temperature instruments (ISA).
#581-012 - Textbook, "Industrial Control Electronics" (3rd edition) (Bartelt).
#585-002 - Textbook, "Technician's Guide to Instrumentation" (Simons).
#585-007 - Textbook, "Process Plant Instrumentation" (Simons).
#585-012 - Textbook, "Process Technology Instrumentation" (CAPT).
#600-005 - Supplementary, Free-Standing Instrument Rack.
#600-051 - Strip chart recorder, 2-pen (Yokogawa, SR 1000) (additional).
#600-052 - Paperless Strip Chart Recorder, 2-Inputs
#600-054 - Strip chart recorder, 3-pen ( Yokogawa, SR 10003) (additional).
#600-205 - Digital multimeter/process calibrator (alternate calibration instrument).
#600-301 - Instrument technician tool kit, basic.
#600-302 - Instrument technician tool kit, expanded.
#600-501 - Textbook series, 4-part, on process measurement and control (General Physics).
#615-001 - Panel-mounted, digital multimeter and calibrator. (double-frame assembly required).
#615-007 - Electrical connection tether (allows connection to process trainer free lines)
#615-500 - Use Guide (additional).
#616-003 - Bench-top, two-pen chart recorder.
#616-005 - Supplemental instrument support stanchion.
* Connecting tubing, 1/4in. diameter (50'). * Tubing cutter. * Six, tube fittings. * Replacement pens. * Replacement chart recorder rolls.
110/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz., instrument air.