631 - Heat Exchanger Principles Demonstrator

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
30in. x 29in. x 30in. (760 x 490 x 760 mm)
95lbs. (42kg)

Shipping Dimensions
200lbs. (90kg)

This multi-purpose, realistic and safe educational system allows for the investigation, demonstration and analysis of a variety of common heat exchanger types used in industry. The standard package includes a shell and tube-type heat exchanger.

The base unit allows for the connection to the standard shell and tube heat exchanger, as well as multiple optional heat exchanger varieties. The device is fully instrumented. Each heat exchanger allows for investigation of heat transfer properties including, energy balance and efficiency calculations, determination of Logarithmic Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD) and Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (U). The effects on heat transfer coefficient from different fluid flow rates and temperature differences can be seen. Using optional heat exchangers, comparisons in operation and performance between heat exchanger types can be made. All heat exchangers allow for demonstration of the differences between parallel and countercurrent operation. Additional experiments relating to heat loss and reduction in heat transfer due to tube fouling are possible as expanded student projects.

The system is useful with in a variety of university-level engineering applications, as well as within industrial technical training programs relating to instrumentation, process control and process technology.
Backplane assembly, incorporating heat exchanger quick-release connections, instrumentation and controls.
Electrically heated, stainless steel reservoir.
A continuous-duty circulating water pump.
Pressure regulated, cold side supply.
Hot and cold side flow control valves.
Hot and cold side variable-area flow meters.
Electrical controls including circuit breaker, main power switch, and GFCI circuit protection.
1/8-DIN, PID temperature controller and digital panel meter.
Hot side mechanical and electrical temperature limiting device (193 deg. (F) / 90 deg. (C).
Temperature instrumentation, including digital display with 0.1 resolution, multi-channel selector switch (12-way allowing for expansion), four type K thermocouples installed at the hot side and cold side inlet/outlet connections, and two supplemental thermocouple connectors allowing for connection to optional heat exchangers with mid-pass temperature data collection points.
All six thermocouples duplexed, allowing for use of external chart recorder or optional data acquisition system.
Self-sealing, quick-connect fittings, allowing for convenient connection of standard and optional heat exchangers.
Standard shell and tube heat exchanger with heavy-wall glass shell, two baffles, and seven, hot side, stainless steel tubes. Tube bundle length of 205 mm, with a total heat transfer area of 24000 sq. mm. Allows for parallel and countercurrent flow.
Extended two-year warranty.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
1/8" formed and fabricated ABS shell.
#630-001 - Data Logging System.
#631-010 - Concentric Heat Exchanger.
#631-011 - Concentric Heat Exchanger, Extended.
#631-020 - Plate-Type Heat Exchanger.
#631-021 - Plate-Type Heat Exchanger, Extended.
#631-030 - Jacketed Vessel with Coil/Stirrer.
#631-500 - Use Guide/Exercise Outline (additional copy).
#903-001 - Locking caster set.
•  Use Guide and Exercise Outline with experimental results and sample calculations (English, Spanish, French).
•  Spares kit for 2 years’ normal use.
110-120 V, 60Hz / 220-240, 50Hz, chilled water supply, drain.
•  Please contact us for a complete course description.

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