701E - Hydraulics Trainer, Fundamentals, Extended

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
19.5in. x 18.5in. x 24.5in. (495 x 470 x 620 mm)
48lbs. (22kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
30in x 23.5in x 21in (762 x 597 x 533 mm)
118lbs (54 kg)

A self-contained, portable, benchtop hands-on training system providing an in-depth introduction to hydraulic system technology, electro-hydraulic systems and related applications.

The associated curriculum allows for 25-30 hours of instruction in hydraulic principles using industrial-grade components, including valves, cylinders and measuring instruments. This extended trainer includes two additional hydraulic cylinders with sensors, solenoid actuated valves and other supplemental components, allowing for electro-hydraulic applications. Twenty-five individual learning activities are provided. Course materials can be used in a self-paced or instructor-lead format.

The device includes a centrifugal pump and a clear acrylic reservoir, eliminating the need for additional support equipment. All components necessary for experiments, including connecting hoses, are included.
Welded tubular aluminum baseplate with aluminum t-slotted component mounting rail.
Powder-coated, 16-gauge, wiring/storage enclosure and support frame assembly (Can be mounted directly on the DAC, 905 Electromechanical Bench.
Locking storage compartment, for storage of loose components and connecting hoses.
Twenty-four, industrial-grade hydraulic components including valves, cylinders and measuring instruments (Please call for a complete list).
Supplemental electro-hydraulic components including; one double-acting cylinder with reed switches, one double-acting cylinder with hall effect sensors, two solenoid operated directional control valves, one flow control valve and one relief valve, all mounted on individual mounting plates.
Supply pump with safety relief valve, set at 25 PSI for classroom safety.
Clear acrylic reservoir with four return ports.
Regulated 3-port distribution manifold.
Four-port return manifold.
Manifold-mounted pressure gauge and in-line pressure gauge.
Miscellaneous mechanical components including lever arm, lever arm support, weights, weight support, component mounting brackets and cylinder mounting brackets.
Component panel with provision for mounting primary components and incorporating silkscreened nomenclature and component silhouettes.
24 VDC power supply with banana-jack receptacles for powering external devices.
Two relays with banana jack connections, allowing solenoid control either by panel-mounted momentary or maintained switches or remotely from other trainers, such as the DAC 464 PLC Trainer.
Industrial-grade, chrome-plated brass, quick-disconnect, fittings with check valves throughout.
Clear acrylic, double-acting, cylinder and manual control valve.
Can be combined with other DAC training aids relating to industrial sensors and PLCs.
Provision for mounting on the DAC 905, Electromechanical Bench.
Crating for shipment via motor freight.
#701-500 - Student manual (additional).
#701-501 - Instructor manual (additional).
* Connecting hoses (11). * Banana jack patch cords (8). * Fastener kit including spare fasteners and quick-connect components. * Visual aids (charts). * Student manual. * Instructor guide.
110 VAC.
Curriculum includes 25 units of activities relating to hydraulic components, applications and physical properties. An alternate (modular) curriculum can be provided to better match “Introduction to Technology” programs.

Topics discussed:
* Trainer familiarization * Introduction to hydraulic systems * Hydraulic fluids * Filtration systems * Hydraulic pumps * Pressure control devices * Manual directional control valves * Check valves * Needle valves * Hydraulic cylinders * Hydraulic flow control valves * Paired cylinders in a circuit * Hydraulic press application * Hydraulic jack application * Hydraulic logic - positioner application * Supplemental electro-hydraulic applications. * Hydraulic symbols and schematics * Hydraulic force transformers * Flow rate in hydraulic systems * Force in hydraulic systems * Work done with hydraulic systems * Power in hydraulic systems * Fluid resistance in pipes * Energy in hydraulic systems * Glossary * Appendix * Supplemental electro-hydraulic exercises