603-600 - #603, Process Trainer Simulation Package

This useful and competitively-priced product option allows for computer-based simulation of four of the primary functional measurement and control applications within the DAC #603 physical training system.

Based upon, and including the Simtronics-brand PC-based simulation engine, the product allows for independent exploration and operation of primary control functions embedded within the DAC #603 Advanced Process Trainer. Working simulation models are included for pressure, flow, level and temperature applications, all based upon actual working conditions of the training aid.

Many standard physical exercises can be duplicated in simulation, allowing the student a realistic feel for remote, monitoring, operation and control of a working process.

Importantly, the included simulation engine allows for use an expansion into the full library of instrumentation, process control, and unit operations simulation modules offered by our partner company, Simtronics. Available at the time of purchase from DAC, or directly from Simtronics, these additional titles are of particular importance to operations training professionals, and process technology training programs.
Acclaimed, and highly favored sophisticated PC-based (Windows) simulation engine.
Four, faithfully-rendered process simulations of key #603 process system fragments.
Applications relating to pressure, level, flow, and temperature.
Includes Simtronics, DSS-100 simulation engine.
Compatible with the full Simtronics SPM series process models.
#603-6001 - #603 Simulation Software Package (Single User) (educational)
#603-6002 - #603 Simulation Software Package (2-User) (educational)
#603-6002X - #603 Simulation Software Package (20-User) (educational)
#603-6003 - #603 Simulation Software Package (3-User) (educational)
#603-6005 - #603 Simulation Software Package (5-User) (educational)
#603-600X - #603 Simulation Software Package (10-User) (educational)

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