811P - Lock-Out/Tag-Out and Positive Isolation Training System - Additional Images

Product Dimensions
19" x 36" x 20" (490 x 915 x 510mm)
95 lbs. (44 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
22" x 40.5" x 23.5" (560 x 1025 x 600mm)
120 lbs (56 kg)

This realistic simulated working process environment facilitates introductory training and hands-on activities relating to the process of identifying and locking out sources of dangerous potential energy in the industrial setting.

The course content coupled with the hands-on activities provide a strong foundation in the general concepts and activities that are later enhanced and formalized by corporate policies and procedures specific to individual companies and working environments.

The simulated working environment includes two process tanks, a centrifugal pump, a complex, multi-purpose piping network, electrical controls and a variety of lockable system components. A large number of commonly-encountered locking and tagging devices are also provided in kit form.

Designed to support individual and small team activities, as well as more complex, multi-discipline simulated activities, this system provides for a strong foundation in the conceptualizing skills, planning, and detailed safe work practices needed to perform potentially dangerous work activities in an industrial environment.

A final performance assessment exercise is provided allowing the system to be used in an alternate configuration for testing purposes.
19" X 36" X 14-gauge formed-stainless steel baseplate.
Provision for stable mounting on any bench top or related DAC workstation products
(2), Heavy-wall, 6" diameter PVC process tanks with removable covers, vents, drains, and process connections.
Multi-purpose, ½ “ diameter (DN15) PVC process network including (8) Block valves of various types, (2) 3-Way valves, figure-8 blinds, and descriptive valve tags.
14-gauge, formed-stainless steel pipe supports encouraging system durability and stability.
Fractional HP magnetic drive centrifugal pump, ½" (DN15).
Drain collection and distribution tubing network with valved central collection manifold.
Electrical controls, with provision for lock-out, including; primary service disconnect, motor starter switch, and system plug connection.
In-line GFI protector.
Comprehensive lock-out and tagging tool kit including; color-coded locks, tags, multi-lock hasps, specialty electrical locking devices, valve locking devices of multiple designs as well as a dedicated toolbox.
Packaging for shipment via motor freight.
#590-007 - Reference Text, “LockOut /TagOut, A Practical Approach” (Kelly)
#811-PAC - Lock-Out/Tag-Out and Positive Isolation System Trainer, Quick-Start Package (Includes #811, #811-001, #590-007)
* DAC, #590-000, “Safety First” IPT Training Manual, with chapter on L-O/T-O * Lock-Out/Tag-Out tool kit. * Charging bucket.
Water, Electrical service, 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.
This product has been designed for professionals for training purposes only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of the methods and techniques shown by this product.
DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the techniques and practices outlined in this material.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.
This product includes redundant safety features, many of which require instructor or mentor control/involvement. It is imperative that this training aid be used only in a closely supervised environment for maximum safety.