273-217 - Switching Regulator (Valve) Cutaway

Product Dimensions
9" x 9" x 10"(230 x 230 x 250 mm)
11 lbs. (5 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
12" x 12" x 12"(305 x 305 x 305 mm)
13 lbs. (6 kg)

This detailed specialty pressure regulator cutaway, depicts a common industrial switching-type pressure regulator as commonly found in refineries, petro-chemical plants, oil and gas applications, and in other industrial, commercial and manufacturing environments. These unique regulators, often incorporated into pneumatic control valve circuits perform switching applications relating to venting, on/off control and in failure/lock-up modes. Considering their common safety-related applications, knowledge of their operating principle and application is vital to maintenance and operations personnel.

The device includes, and is showcased by a powder-coated, formed-steel mounting assembly, allowing for standalone display, bench-top mounting, or mounting on specialized related mounting benches and display structures.

Through careful sectioning, the complete internal flow paths and active components of the regulator can be seen, while also allowing for disassembly for more compete inspection. All primary features have been retained, and are showcased through strategic sectioning.
Sectioning of actual industrial component.
Common component brands and models from leading US manufacturers are chosen for industrial training relevancy. ( 1/4" -1/2" NPS varieties are most often selected.)
Cleaning, priming, and painting, using a high-durability polyurethane coating.
All internal components, including control spring, adjusting screw, diaphragm, stem, o-rings, diaphragm head, disk, disk holder, and all porting shown.
13-Gauge, formed-steel, powder-coated, mounting stand, with component attachment brackets, and threaded steel pipe mounting spools.
Provision for mounting on related bench, workstation and display products.
Packaging for shipment via parcel service.
Original equipment manufacturer’s installation, operation and maintenance manual.
None (See above)

This device is being offered for training purposes only, and cannot be used as replacement hardware in actual applications.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and product descriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.
DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting in the use or misuse of this product.