295-693 - Electric Submersible Pump(ESP) Training Model

Product Dimensions
(L x W x H)
6" x 60" x 12"(150 x 1500 x 125 mm)
25 lbs. (11.5 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H)
12" x 66" x 12" (300 x 1650 x 300 mm)
35 lbs. (16 kg)

A high-fidelity, precision, scale model of an electric submersible pump (ESP), supporting training in the operation and maintenance of downhole pumping systems, as found within oilfield production applications and in other similar applications requiring deep well pumping. Electric submersible pumps are a primary choice for artificial lift for producing wells, worldwide.

Based on a common makes and models of downhole pumps, manufactured by Schlumberger, Wood Group, Baker Hughes, Weatherford and other market leaders, the product is a complete "to-scale" representative depicting some of the most popular submersible pumps in use today. With many components molded from urethane plastics using silicone rubber molds, all salient and important equipment details are shown, and enhanced, through clear acrylic casing, color-coding and carefully-planned cutaways.

All primary ESP assembly details are visible within a clear acrylic representative casing. Primary components include a packer assembly; a hybrid pump section showing examples of both radial flow and mixed flow impeller arrangements; bolt-on inlet section; representative separator section; seal chamber/protector section; representative induction motor section and bolt-on representative downhole sensor section. The sectioning of each individual pump assembly section, allows view of critical internal components and interface points.

This highly-detailed teaching aid complements courses in oilfield production activities, oil & gas production operations, and related maintenance training.
Precise "to-scale" construction throughout.
3“ Representative clear acrylic casing diameter, 60" long.
2" primary pump shell diameters, with multiple cutaways.
Detailed depiction of primary pump assembly components including, pump stack, inlet section, separator section, seal chamber section, hermetic motor section, and downhole sensor section.
Multiple cutaway views unveiling all primary internal components, including pump bearings, impellers, pump casings, separation vanes, and protector thrust bearing.
Durable PVC assembly mounting plate, facilitating wall mounting or horizontal display.
Packaging for shipment via Courier service or motor freight.
#295-6931 - Heavy-duty, foam-lined reusable packing container.
No dedicated courseware provided.

Detailed educational scale models can be fragile by nature. DAC assumes NO liability for damage due to mishandling, misuse, or acts of fate.
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