295-409 - Pump Jack Demonstrator

Product Dimensions
(L x W xH)
48" x 14.5" x 84" (1220 x 370 x 2135 mm)
200 lbs. (90 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
(L x W xH)
53" x 27" x 40" (1350 x 685 x 1020 mm)
400 lbs. (180 kg)

This wall-mounted demonstration assembly allows for classroom demonstration relating to the above ground mechanical actions, as well as the downhole pumping principles of a typical pumping unit as found in oil fields, worldwide.

The complete assembly, fabricated from engineering plastics, clear acrylic, and nonferrous metals is wall-mounted on 3 primary PVC backplanes. Field installation is required.

A complete, to-scale, aluminum and PVC walking beam assembly is provided, matching the geometry and stroke of well-known well-known industry-standard pumping units. A representative trunnion/center bearing, Pitman arm assembly with equalizer, crank, and gear reducer is provided to faithfully duplicate the working mechanism of a conventional beam pumping unit.

An additional wall-mounted assembly depicts the wellhead, tubing, representative casing, and the working down-hole pump.

An optional component Set can be purchased to allow liquid circulation through the system. This demonstrator will enhance instructor-led training related to artificial lift, rod pumping systems, as well as pumping unit design, operating principles, component parts, and basic maintenance.
(3), 3/8" PVC backplanes mounting panels, with provision for mounting on any vertical surface.
Representative walking beam assembly, including aluminum walking beam, PVC horsehead, representatives center bearing and representative Samson post assembly.
Metallic pumping unit components including; soldered brass Pitman arms, equalizer structure, equalizer bearing assembly; steel crank, and representative counterweights.
Representative prime mover and drive assembly including; PVC backplane, DC PM motor, representative acrylic gear reducer, representative belt drive, fictitious PVC drive support assembly, and carrying handles.
Representative downhole and wellbore assembly including; clear acrylic representative production casing with perforations, representative clear acrylic cylindrical reservoir container, with provision for liquid recycling.
Representative downhole tubing and Wellhead assembly including; user-modifiable representative stuffing box; clear acrylic tubing with perforations; representative wellhead and production connections using PVC piping components, with provision for liquid recycling; fictitious PVC support structures and user-mountable PVC backplane.
Representative sucker rod string including; a solid brass polished rod, representative 1/4" threaded sucker rods and breast threaded couplings.
Representative downhole valve assembly including stationary bottom valve, traveling valve with tubing assembly.
DC variable speed drive allowing for stroke adjustment.
Related electrical components including system on/off switch, running light, instructor key switch, and connecting cable with GFI capability.
Crating for shipment motor freight.
#295-4091 - Liquid Pumping and Recirculation System
* None.
110/220 VAC, 15A, single-phase, with ground.
*No dedicated courseware provided

Detailed educational scale models can be fragile by nature. DAC assumes NO liability for damage due to mishandling, misuse, or acts of fate.
This device has been designed for professionals for use under controlled circumstances for training only. DAC assumes no liability for injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.
For Economy, this product is shipped knock down. Some basic assembly with hand tool is required.
Please note that some assembly is required.
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