532-037 - Operator’s Guide To Rotating Equipment (LeBleu/Perez) General

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6in x 9in, Softbound Format

This unique text book and reference, on rotating equipment, operating principles, inspection, troubleshooting and best practices, is written from the perspective of process operations personnel, who often become caretakers of these key pieces of process equipment. Used as a supplementary textbook and reference for multiple related DAC training products, this resource provides key information related to compressors, lubrication and other related- reliability topics. This text will be useful in many applications within process plant maintenance, operations and plant engineering departments. Written by Julien LeBleu and Robert X. Perez, both currently working professionals, it is presented in a straight-forward, and non-academic style. The text is both readable and informative. With dozens of strategic and informative photo’s and illustrations, this book, with its supporting glossary and wealth of information, should be a part of all plant maintenance reference libraries.

Any new or veteran operator responsible for rotating equipment in the process environment will benefit from the content of this book, making it an ideal supplementary text for process operations (Ptec) training programs in industry and in the educational setting.
Recently written by Julien LeBleu and Robert Perez.
Economical, softbound format.
Over 150, pages including appendices and glossaries.
Covers key operator activities including inspection techniques, lubrication techniques and troubleshooting.
Deep review of reliability-related issues.
Many illustrations and photographs.
Review questions and answers follow each chapter.
Includes a primer on centrifugal pump operating principles and design.
Written by experienced, working professionals in a clear manner with limited dependence on design theory and mathematics.
Extensive introduction to pumps, including centrifugal, positive-displacement and multi-stage varieties.
Review of key pump-related principles and operating characteristics.
Useful appendix with conversion formula and other useful information.
Used as a companion text for several DAC centrifugal pump training products, as well as centrifugal and reciprocating compressor products.
Published in 2014
ISBN13: 9781496907684
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* Machine Types and Critical Components * The Importance of Lubrication * Inspection Techniques Available to Operators and Field Personnel * How to Inspect Process Machinery * An Introduction to Compressor Operations * Lubrication Advice for Process Operators * More Machinery Best Practices • Appendix

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