278DS - Double-Suction, Horizontally-Split, Centrifugal Pump Trainer

Product Dimensions
28" x 22" x 20.5"(710 x 550 x 520 mm)
280 lbs. (127 kg)

Shipping Dimensions
31" x 25" x 24"(790 x 630 x 625 mm)
330 lbs. (150 kg)

This re-manufactured, full-size industrial pump allows for convenient classroom and laboratory training in the operation, construction, and maintenance of common, horizontally-split, single-stage, double-suction centrifugal pumps.

A common single-stage pump, such as the Goulds 3400 pump, is disassembled, refurbished, painted, and reassembled for training use.

Where necessary, seal components, hardware, and bearings are replaced, allowing for use in maintenance-related training activities. All applicable maintenance activities relating to the pump can be performed.
7-Gauge formed-steel, powder-coated baseplate with provision for table-top mounting and mounting on related workstation products.
Reconditioning of an actual 2" X 3" X 7", horizontally-split pump. (popular models manufactured by well-known US manufacturers are chosen for industrial relevancy)
Disassembly, cleaning, priming and painting, using a high-durability urethane coating, or powder coating.
Color-coding of inner surfaces, seal elements, impellers, and exterior surfaces, using contrasting colors.
Replacement, plated hardware, where necessary.
Allows for training in the complete tear-down, inspection, and assembly procedure for the pump.
Crating for shipment via motor freight.
#278DS-01 - Replacement Mechanical Seal Kit
#278DS-02 - Complete Pump Rebuild Kit
#278DS-10 - Elevated Support Stand
#532-037 - Textbook, Operator’s Guide to Rotating Equipment (Perez)
#902-001 - Locking caster set (includes four, dual-wheel, locking casters) (recommended when used as a display rack only).
Manufacturer’s Maintenance and Installation Manual
No Dedicated Courseware Provided

Goulds is a trademark of ITT Corporation.
The equipment sample provided will be modified for training purposes, making it unfit for use in production applications.
In accordance with DAC’s established policy of continuous improvement, these specifications and productdescriptions are subject to change without notice. This information is the latest technical information as of the time of viewing or printing.
This product is manufactured using available new surplus, and reconditioned industrial equipment. Based on example availability and precise manufacture’s product chosen, certain product dimensions may vary from those represented here. Specific equipment makes and models can be provided at additional charge on a custom basis.