532-027 - Metering Pump Handbook

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.8in x 6.3in x 9.4in
Hardbound Format

This recently-written, unique reference and handbook was developed for use by pump designers, and plant engineering personnel of all types. Undertaken by the engineering department of a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, this volume introduces the reader to the full universe of metering pumps, with a focus on design considerations and pump selection criteria. Further it offers in-depth treatment of installation, operation and maintenance basics. If you need to know the subtle differences between piston pumps and plunger pumps, this is the book for you. A wealth of engineering-quality illustrations help illustrate primary design and operating concepts

Advanced topics such as materials of construction, media corrosive properties, driver performance parameters, operating characteristics, and packing/seal/diaphragm selection are also considered.

An indispensable reference for any maintenance organization or plant engineering group in the process industries, this comprehensive reference will aid in metering pump selection, application, operation maintenance and troubleshooting for many years.
Durable, hardbound format.
280 pages including appendices and glossaries, and index.
Written by Robert E. McCabe, Phillip P. Lanckton and William V. Dwyer, all with deep metering pump experience.
Many engineering-quality illustrations and high-resolution photographs.
Many highly-useful cutaway and exploded view illustrations, describing operating principles.
Written by knowledgeable pump engineering professionals.
In-depth treatment of piston, plunger and hydraulic diaphragm pumps.
Large appendix with general formulas, tables, charts and pumping system layout suggestions.
Suggested as a supporting resource for multiple DAC metering pump training products.
Published in 1984 by Industrial Press.
ISBN13: 978-081111571
Packaged for shipment via courier or mail service.
Design Principles; What is a metering Pump • Pzower End Mechanisms • Packings and Diaphragms • Valving • Lubrication • Control Mechanisms • Multi-head Pumps • Pump Drivers and Couplings • Operating Principles • Metering Pump Characteristics and Performance • Noise • Driver Performance • Testing • Selection • Fluid Analysis • Materials of construction • Environment • Safety • Special Considerations • System Design • Design of Metering Pump Systems • The Piping System • Maintenance • General Maintenance • Troubleshooting • Appendix • Corrosion Guide • Bibliography • Index

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