514-002 - Textbook, Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance, 3rd Ed.

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8.5 " X 11" X .75", Hard-Bound

This recently-expanded introduction to the maintenance of industrial mechanical components and systems is a comprehensive primer for the student, practicing industrial mechanic, technicians, and engineers.

Written by a practicing industrial maintenance instructor, Larry Chastain, who teaches industrial maintenance at the post-secondary level, the textbook has been tailored for use in technical colleges, industrial training programs, and apprenticeship programs.

An in-depth treatment of, “the basics” such as hand tools, fasteners, mechanical principles, rating, and lubrication forms a strong base for dedicated chapters on primary power transmission topics such as; bearings, seals/gaskets, belt drives, chain drives, gears/gear reducers, couplings, and clutches/brakes.

This revised third edition includes new content relating to industrial precision measuring tools, industrial pneumatics, and other topics

This clearly-written and comprehensive text represents ideal support content for multiple DAC hands-on products relating to industrial mechanical core-skills.
Revised and expanded third edition (2008).
Written by Larry Chastain, a practicing industrial maintenance instructor.
Durable hardbound format.
Clearly-written for the entry-level student or seasoned professional.
352 pages.
Hundreds of clearly-presented illustrations and photographs.
Each chapter topic includes valuable troubleshooting suggestions and troubleshooting charts.
Includes chapter review questions.
Available from stock (“fast ship” item).
Extensive appendix, glossary, and index for ease-of-use.
ISBN 13: 9780135150962.
Packaging for fast shipment via parcel service, parcel service, or courier.
Topics Include:
• Hand Tools • Fasteners • Basic Principles of Mechanical Systems • Lubrication • Bearings • Seals, Gaskets, and Packing • Belt Drives • Chain Drives • Gears • Couplings • Clutches and Brakes • Rigging • Appendix • Glossary • Index

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