592-027 - The Starrett Book for Student Machinists, 17th Edition

Product Dimensions
4.5 " X 7" X .5", Soft-Bound

This compact, yet comprehensive, introductory text, authored and published by America’s most renowned precision tool makers, can be used as an informative primer for the student with respect to common shop hand tools, as well as essential precision measuring tools.

Consisting of 160 heavily-illustrated pages in a compact toolbox format, this basic text has been assisting machine shop apprentices with, “the basics” for many years. Recently re-edited, and re-published, it reviews not only traditional tools and benchwork practices, but common machine tools and their use. This including saws, grinders, lathes, and drills.

Used as an inexpensive introductory reference and text for multiple DAC products relating to precision benchwork and precision measurement, this primer will serve as a valuable, convenient, permanent reference after use in introductory training.

Many consistently-rendered illustrations and chapter review questions effectively inform and engage the student. Worthy, as a shop reference or maintenance library selection, this volume will be a valuable reference to both the student and the working professional.
Written by the staff of L. S. Starrett manufacturing company, Athol, Massachusetts
160 well-illustrated pages , with helpful index and a variety of useful reference tables and formulae.
Extensive treatment of precision measurement.
Over 500 consistently-formatted, technical, illustrations and high-fidelity photographs.
Unique review of basic foundation topics such as geometry, mechanics, and hand tools.
Key working topics such as machine fits, cutting speeds/fluids’ and spark testing of metals.
Basic introduction to common machine tools.
Revised, 17th edition (1998).
Available from stock (“fast ship” item).
160 Fact-filled pages.
Extended appendix including commonly used formulae, conversion tables, and common weights and measures.
Comprehensive, detailed index for ease-of-use.
Packaging for fast shipment via mail service or package service.
Topics Include:
• Mechanical Drawing • Fits and Terminology • Benchwork • How to Make Measurements • Cutting Speed and Cutting Fluids • Drilling and Related Operations • Lathe Operations • Grinding • Metal Sawing • Toolmaking • Geometry • Mechanics • Reference Tables • Index

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