Mechanical Training Products for Education and Industry

For over 20 years Design Assistance Corporation (DAC) has been developing and manufacturing an expansive range of unique, task-based training devices for Mechanical Maintenance Training. We were the first to develop a range of this type, and continue to be the leading innovator in Mechanical Training Industry.

Our Mechanical Products reflect our many years of experience within the US nuclear industry. All products have the look and feel of real industrial equipment, and are respected by incumbent workers working in the field.

Our task-based, modular approach allows you to easily create a training capability or lab precisely matching your needs, student population, and budget.

Choose from over 200 self-contained hands-on training

systems, cutaways, and technical scale models to enhance programs, and get results for your training dollar.

Our Range Is Modular and Tiered

Concentrate on core skills, and expand into more specialized areas pertaining to your industry and your unique program has your training needs evolve.

Purchase in multiples, ensuring that all students have valuable hands-on time. Build a unified lab over time as subject priorities and money allows.

Our Products Work Together

While generally task specific, individual components within our mechanical line can be “bread-boarded” to create mechanical systems, and with our electrical products, to create unique electro-mechanical systems.